Future Membership

What is Future Membership?

As Future Science, we organize hundreds of activities in a year. Future Membership is a membership system that we have set up to facilitate the registration of these activities. Future Members can register with this ID for all Future Science activities organized during the year using the last six digits of the number on the Future Card sent to them as their Future ID. At the same time, Future Members get many advantages and opportunities in the Future Science activities and the institutions with which the Future Science is contracted.

frequently asked Questions

No, when you become a Future Member, you are not a member of a non-governmental organization. You subscribe to an event. From the date you make your membership activation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Future Science events for free or with an advantage for one year.

When the Future Membership process is completed, a temporary digital Future Card is created and sent to the e-mail address you specified to be used until your Future Card is printed and delivered to your address. Thus, you can immediately start taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Future Membership.

Since it is a high-tech card with many features, it is necessary to be over 18 to have a Future Card. Future IDs of our Future Members under the age of 18 will be sent to their e-mail addresses as Digital Future Card.

Incoming Members pay an annual activation fee set during each forum period. A Future Member who carries out its annual activation can take advantage of all Future Science activities during the year with priority and privilege. Each year s/he joins the Future Science Forum; the next membership activation fee is halved and reset after three forums. As long as s/he continues to participate in the forums from now on, s/he continues to enjoy all the benefits of Future Membership free of charge.

For your questions about Future Membership, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]


Future Science Forum
Free Participation

Eyca Advantages
The European Youth Card is a system that is valid in many institutions and businesses in European countries.

Param Feature

You can use Param features and benefit from discounts at workplaces with money agreements.

Troy System
Thanks to troy, a global payment system, you can collect points from your purchases and benefit from contracted institutions with advantage.

Future Magazine

You can get online access to Future Science’s popular science and culture magazine, published every six months.


You get the opportunity to benefit from the Future Movement Association and its contracted events for free or at a discount.


You get specific opportunities from businesses that the Future Movement Association has an agreement with

Level System

Every year you attend the Future Science Forum, your future membership payment is cut by half. It will be reset after three years.

Future Membership Application

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